Hi Eveyone,  
Hope your all keeping safe in the snow, but could the snow have come at a worse time? I do love the snow around Christmas and maybe a little at the start of January but now that we are in half way through what feels like the longest month of the year I think its fair to say were all looking forward to Spring! So im sure most of you all know Brantree Boutique has amazingly beautiful surroundings and the views are lovely but on days like today its a nuisance! So much to my disappointment today the snow did not want to stop falling - it made for a fab picture but think thats about it!  
So it could only mean one thing unfortunately and that was have a snow day, usually this is amazing if your curling up to the fire or at the age were you get a day off school to build a snowman but for me it meant tackling into all the paperwork I was trying to forget about but that never went away!  
So after getting through what felt like mountians of unorgainsed paperwork I decided it was time to get ready for Spring, We have had loads of fabulous new collections already arrived instore and im delighted I put my spare time today to good use and got them all steamed and ready to see brighter days!  
Here is some of the fabulous new pieces that are now instore & online 
Stay safe in the remaining of the snow, if you get a snow day ensure you make the most of it!  
Hope to chat soon on a sunnier day  
Emma x  
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